Dennis Davila


I moved into the Mesquite Ranch neighborhood in April of 2010 with my wife Lisa and our two boys. I work on the corporate side of the restaurant business and my wife works for the City of Tucson. After attending a few board meetings and determining that the HOA was in fact not evil, and actually a great group of people, I decided to get involved and help in any way I could! I have made this community my home and the place where I raise my boys; I want to help make sure that it stays beautiful and family-friendly for everyone, current and future residents.

Mike Sunday


My name is Mike Sunday. My wife, daughter and I moved to Mesquite Ranch in 2004. With plans to expand the family, Mesquite Ranch seemed to be a great place to raise our children. Now, 9 years later our family of five is enjoying the neighborhood and the quiet and comfortable atmosphere it provides. I decided to join the homeowners association to better understand its functions and benefits that it provides to our community. I plan to continue to help keep Mesquite Ranch a great place to live as a resident and active board member.

Beth Ocasio


I am 44yrs old and married. I live on Oakbrook St. and moved into Mesquite Ranch a little over 2 years ago.  I love the neighborhood and the surroundings. I moved to Tucson, AZ 18 years ago and mostly lived on the east side of town. I work for the federal gov and have my own little side business selling Origami Owl custom jewelry and Avon. I will love to get more involved in the community in order to meet more people, keep our kids and surrounding areas safe.

Chris Rogers

Vice President

My name is Chris Rogers. My wife Lisl, and I moved into our home in 2003. At the time, it was a lot of house for the two of us, but we have filled it up with our 3 children, a dog, a cat and 3 fish. We have two sons and a daughter who all attend Senita Valley. We love our community, the atmosphere and the overall friendliness of everyone in the neighborhood. The proximity to two of the best schools in the Vail School District can’t be beat!  I’ve worked at IBM as a Software Engineer for 12 years. My wife is a Technical Recruiter for a local staffing company. In our spare time we are taking our kids to gymnastics, football, basketball or one of the community pools! Getting involved with the HOA board is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. This is a great neighborhood, and I want to help out any way I can to keep it that way!


  • Communication Committee

    Committee Liaison: Mike Cherry
    The Communication Committee is responsible for creating and distributing the community newsletter and maintaining this website. The newsletter is available electronically on this website but can be mailed as a paper copy to those who opt in. Please send an email to Cassie Livingston to either opt in or receive an email notification when a newsletter is posted.

  • Compliance Committee

    Committee Liaison: Chris Rogers
    The Compliance Committee’s role is to affect compliance to the CC&Rs that govern the Mesquite Ranch neighborhood. This is accomplished by first educating Homeowners about the CC&Rs and what everyone’s responsibilities are. In some cases fines must be levied against a homeowner who refuses to comply with the CC&Rs, in this situation the compliance committee works closely with the manager to determine if anything else can be done prior to assessing the fine. The compliance committee also works with the manager to determine if there are neighborhood-wide issues that are causing noncompliance and helps determine what steps can be taken to correct these issues.

  • Design Review Committee

    Committee Liaison: Dennis Davila
    The Design Review Committee is comprised of homeowner volunteers. They are responsible for meeting monthly to approve submitted requests for changes to properties within the community (see the Design Guidelines in the Resources and Forms page of this site). The deadline for submitting requests is the 15th of each month, and a decision will be provided to the property manager by the 1st business day of the next month.

  • Finance Committee

    Committee Liaison: Mike Cherry
    The finance committee is responsible for overseeing the budget and expenditures of the Homeowners Association. The Treasurer, Mike Cherry, as chair of the finance committee, works closely with the property manager (Cassie Livingston from ADAM, LLC) to generate an annual budget and track the expenses for the community. A monthly finance report is provided to the board and included in the meeting minutes.

  • Landscape Committee

    Committee Liaison: Larry Smith
    The Landscape Committee oversees the landscaping of community common areas. They work closely with the property manager who interacts with our landscaping company, Complete Landscaping.

  • Pool Committee

    Committee Liaison: Mike Sunday
    The Pool Committee checks on the pool weekly to verify that the pool is functioning properly and helps the property manager determine if any repair or replacement opportunities exist. Vandalism is a major concern in and around the pool areas, so this committee also checks for vandalism and works with association management to help alleviate this issue as much as possible. During the summer months the pool usage increase dramatically, so the the pool committee also works with management to ensure that service levels are adequate to allow for maximum usage with minimal downtime.

  • Social Committee

    Committee Liaison: Harmony Blanco-Serlin
    The Social Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating social and recreational activities for the HOA. They work with the Mesquite Ranch Neighborhood Association (MRNA) on neighborhood social functions and are also responsible for the annual Holiday home decorating contest.